WFT Cloud Education

  • WFT-IS

    The WFT Integrated Infrastructure Program is a unique global education program and is designed to guide people who are ambitious and know where they want to be, with respect to their career. WFT-IS is a cloud centric, vendor agnostic, and tailor-made curriculum for all IT professionals responsible for architecting and managing the Cloud.

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  • Certifications

    Get trained and certified in Cloud Technology. The curriculum is comprised of a series of courses and exams that can be completed to become Cloud Professionals, Cloud Architects, Cloud Security Specialist, Cloud Storage Specialists, etc.

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  • Cloud Professional

    WFT’s Cloud Professional (CCP) program is dedicated to excellence in the fields of cloud computing technology, architecture, security, governance and capacity. A collection of courses establishes a set of vendor-neutral industry certifications with different areas of specialization.

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